The Real Truth about Teaching


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I have been using positive parenting for a little over a month now and I’ve seen some HUGE changes.  My girls were starting to “talk” to each other more calmly instead of the quick reaction of just yelling.  I use the quotes because my littlest is still in babble stage.  Now, looking back, they get that knee-jerk reaction of yelling from Dad and I.  Whenever they start to have a tiff, we step in with a quick yell.  Kids are the best observers aren’t they?  (I know you are probably thinking of a particular student.)

I teach Middle School Science.

When you walk into my classroom you might call it very messy, student-centered, chaotic, and engaging.  I teach through Project Based Learning, while offering choices for my students on how they want to learn the material.  It’s hard work to try and make a unit engaging, and fun for middle schoolers, let alone try to make it more individualized for them.

Thus, I will relay that TEACHING IS HARD! I mean, we make more decisions in one day than most people do in a week.  Mrs. can I go to the bathroom? Mrs., so and so put glue on my desk.  Mrs., so and so isn’t helping me.  Mrs… Mrs… Mrs… (Notice I only put the annoying questions that kids usually raise their hand to ask/say when you are expecting them to give you some rock solid, kick butt answer.)  

Not only do we have decisions while students are in our class, but we have them when they are out, too.  What will I do with this “free time”? Should I grade papers, research “best practices”, dig into data on my students to get a better idea of what level they are at, plan for the next day/lesson/class/unit??? It’s exhausting!

I am also a teacher mom.

I go home to my own children who give me another level of exhaustion.  (I know there are a lot of us teacher moms out there!)  My two little girls are toddlers, so I pretty much live in the State of Exhaustion.  (Even though they sleep through the night for at least ten hours.) They just have so much energy! How have we not figured out a way to bottle and sell that?!?

Side note: If you’re curious how I helped my children sleep through the night, check out the Sleep Sense Program with Dana Obleman.  She offers a few quick fixes for free and she has a handy ebook, which is what I bought.  It’s a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.  Alas, I digress…

Why do we continue to teach?

why do you teachWhy do we put up with the politics and the anger/frustration? Why do we get up each day to try and reach students that do not seem to care? I do it because I have this crazy fantasy that I can change the world, one child at a time.  I can be the light in their life that they can pass on to someone else.  (Is that corny?)  So, I want to know your reason.

Your Challenge: Determine why you continue with the agony of dealing with a job in education that does not pay you for your effort/time/expertise/etc…

A bientot!

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