Is teaching internationally for you?

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This is the first of a series of posts discussing teaching internationally.  Do you think you have what it takes or are you curious what goes into becoming an international teacher? Then this series is for you!

My Story of Teaching Internationally

Believe it or not, this story starts with a show on HGTV called House Hunters International. Go back to 2010, and my husband and I were enjoying our nightly coffee (fully caffeinated – not sure how we were able to sleep!) and chocolate chip cookies. We LOVE HGTV. Having fully remodeled two houses ourselves (with a little help from family), we are addicted to watching home fixer-upper shows. And, all of them in between, on our favorite network.

We stumbled upon House Hunters International and it was a young female teacher who had just accepted a position at an international school in Dubai. My husband and I are both teachers and it got us thinking…why couldn’t we do that?

Fourth months later, we had accepted our first job teaching internationally. February 2011 we started preparing to move to a small (roughly 500,000 people) city in Colombia, South America. Since then, we’ve lived and taught in Dubai,United Arab Emirates and Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (that’s in West Africa).

teaching internationally

Are you feeling any of the following?

  • * under-utilized
  • * fed up with local/state politics and mandates
  • * not able to hold students accountable
  • * tired of teaching to a test
  • * ready for a change or challenge
  • * wanderlust

then you just might be the perfect candidate for teaching internationally!

Check back in for the rest of this series to find out what steps you should take to get a GREAT job from someone who’s gone out, come back, and gone out again.  PLUS find out about advantages, disadvantages and the difference between for-profit and not for-profit schools.

A bientot!




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