The True Goal of a Teacher

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In 2016, I had a family friend post on Facebook that she was having such a hard time.  Her oldest son in grade 6 came home with math homework that neither of them could figure out how to do.  As a last resort, she asked for help on Facebook.  She conveyed that this was not the first time they had experienced such frustration.  Many times throughout the year, math homework would take more than two hours to complete! Can you believe that?!?

Goal of a Teacher

Now, as a math teacher, it appalled me that this was the case.  Is this really our goal as teachers? To frustrate and bombard our students (and parents)? To push away any love for learning that still remains in middle school? I do not believe so! Thus, I created a short (3:38) video to drive home my teaching and educational philosophy.

As amazing parents and teachers (that’s you!), I would like to know your thoughts and reactions.  Please, tell me where you would like to see education go.

Your Challenge: Make a difference in your little world today.  Share your story below!

A bientot!




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