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Dear Teachers, is this your focus?

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Are teachers the hardest workers?

I can’t OFFICIALLY say that, as teachers, we work harder than anyone else in the world – BUT I think we are right there at the top with the best of ’em.  We put in so many extra hours to make sure that our students are getting not only our best, but the best there is!

That is why I started this blog – I want to help teachers make amazing student-centered classrooms that are engaging, super educational, and guide students to see the relevance of school to the real world.  It’s a lot to aim for, I know.  But, I became a teacher because I believe that I have the power to change lives everyday for the better.  And, that’s what I believe with this blog.  I believe that this online forum has the opportunity to reach not only my students, but any other student [around the world] that has a teacher with the same mindset as me.  I know that you are that person!

Teachers are magical. They can accomplish more in one day than some people in a lifetime.

So, what can we do?

We can continue to focus on our students.  Focus on how even just one of your students has the capability to change the world.  Now, think about all the students you’ve touched in your career thus far…for me, in 9 years of teaching, I’m approaching almost 1000 students! But, if you share my thoughts and sentiments and step into this world with me, the number of students, kids, children that we can reach is infinite.


Teachers, are you focusing on the right thing? Has your #1 priority been forgotten?

How do we change lives?

As teachers, we influence students with our words, actions, and interactions.  We are a model for them.  We are their greatest inspiration sometimes.  And, sometimes, we are also their rock, their consistency in an inconsistent world.  Each student that walks into our classroom has their own unique story.  Not one alike.  So, why would we think that we can deliver the same lecture, lesson, etc… and every most students will get it?

21st century education is about revolving our classrooms around our students – each and every one of them.  That’s why when you look at Pinterest there are so many topics that attempt to achieve this:

and the list goes on!Here’s the hard part: decide how you can help your students get through their day with a more positive attitude.  Maybe your students are in elementary and just need more of your undivided attention because they don’t get it at home.  Or maybe your students are in middle school and need some autonomy in the classroom and providing choices will help them.  Or just maybe you have high school students who feel overwhelmed and you can provide them with an open ended assignment of their choice (with some focus, of course!).  What do your students need? YES, this will be different for each and every one of them.

That’s why teaching is hard! That’s why we work endlessly.  But, to maintain ourselves, we have to keep our focus on how those students that we work tirelessly for are the future.  They have the ability to change the world!  And, we have the ability to change their world.  Let that be your driving focus to continue doing the AMAZING job you do!

Your Challenge: Find out what your students really need.  If you’re stuck at where to start, try this post.

A bientot!




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