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Quiz: Are you ready for inquiry based learning?

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What is the proper way to identify if you’re ready for inquiry based learning:

  1. Are you flexible?
  2. Do you see the big picture first?
  3. Do you have a problem relinquishing control of your classroom to the students?
  4. Are you able to act as a facilitator/mentor?
  5. Are you willing to learn from your students?

See each category below if you’re not sure…


When you introduce inquiry based learning in your classroom, be ready for all kinds of things to happen.  When students are fully engaged in what they’re learning, there’s no end to what they will discover!

Big Picture

When planning for inquiry in the classroom, we must look at the big picture.  We have to know where we want the students to end, before we can begin to help them create that road map for their learning.

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Relinquish Control

When students are fully engaged in an inquiry based lesson, there’s no telling what activities they may want to try, or materials they may want to use.  Their minds and creativity will be hard at work.  Do you have the patience and understanding to let go of your own need to be the sole provider of knowledge, so that your students can discover the world for themselves?


Do you see yourself more as a mentor or coach? Inquiry based learning puts the students in the driver’s seat.  They need a teacher that will help guide their journey not lead it.


Students, and children in general really, have a lot to teach adults.  You see, they have a natural curiosity that we have somehow forget sometimes.  So, do you see your students as people you can learn from or are you simply there to make sure they learn from you?

are you ready for inquiry based learning? Struggling to figure out how to introduce inquiry into your classroom?

Did you answer yes to all of the questions above?

YAY!!! You’re ready for inquiry based learning in your classroom!!! If you need some help getting started, check out this FREE resource  and make sure to sign up for a FREE 6-day email course on implementing inquiry based learning in your classroom.  AND…if you’re really feeling good, I created a FREE 6-module video course, too!!!

What if I answered NO to inquiry based learning questions?

Have no fear! It takes some time and a change in mindset to really wrap your mind around why and how inquiry is such a powerful way for students to learn.  It also takes a bit of time to make the decision to change the way you’ve run your class.  Lastly, it takes some faith to take that jump.  But, when you’re ready, I’ll be here!

Your Challenge: Find your courage and take the leap…

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

A bientot,




This article contains affiliate links.

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