Ouagadougou: An Introduction

When we stepped off the plane into Ouagadougou it was early evening and all I remember was chaos.  I know, I know.  Most airports are chaotic.  Well, this one is a tiny airport.  Just to give you some perspective, some of my students have houses bigger than the airport building.

First come, first serve at Ouagadougou Customs

As is almost everywhere, we followed our way through the customs line, “Je suis desole”-ing our way past very serious workers.  Once we arrived at the carousel to collect our bags, which was simple because we were the only flight in, we were mauled by men trying to help us with our bags.  Unfortunately for them, we had no local currency to pay them for their help…Alas, we had to scan our bags out of the airport security before moving onto the task of trying to find our ride.

Our Ride into Ouagadougou

Luckily for us, our school had the Elementary Principal and Director come pick us up in a school van.  Traveling with a two year old and an eight month old across the world was EXHAUSTING! But, we had made it, with ALL of our bags in tow.  (It is common to have a bag show up days later as it missed the flight to Ouagadougou.)  We were taken directly to our housing village, where we were the first teachers to arrive for the school year.  Go us!

My first impression of Ouagadougou from the van…

We arrived during the rainy season but I couldn’t help but think how much sand and dust there was.  Having lived in Dubai, a desert, this is saying something! The roads were just chaos with all of the little motos (literally 50 cc’s) that everyone drives around weaving their way between cars.

Stay tuned for more about life in Ouaga…

A bientot,


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