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Mindset matters – What’s yours?

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Recently, I was in the car driving down the road with a bunch of girlfriends. And, we saw a little girl with her hair sticking out a little higher than Pippi Longstocking’s. One teacher said, “Aw, look at her little antennae’s!”. While another commented, “All I see is little horns…”  What is the main difference in these two mindsets? Does this mean that our mindset matters?

Mindset Matters

I’ll go ahead and tell you that the “Antennae” teacher is a Kindergarten teacher, while the “horns” teacher is upper elementary.  Due to their experiences, they have come to see the world in a different way.  And, one that speaks more to what they do and who they interact with each day.  But, would the Kindergarten teacher be successful if she saw the little girl as having horns? Probably not!

Our Brain

Well, if we’re being honest…A LOT (and I mean, A LOT) of people have more information and a better background on the topic of the brain, BUT I do know that our brain is a powerful thing! And, our mindset is even more powerful – because it determines how we use our brain! CRAZY, right?!

Think about it like this: we have sayings like, “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” and “turn that frown upside down”

Both of those sayings are essentially saying the same thing! We have control over ourselves: our attitude, our emotions, and yes, our mindset!

Alright, I’m on board – I can admit that my mindset matters in my life, so what?

Actually, this is a HUGE deal! IF you can admit and accept that your mindset matters immensely in your day to day life, then you can teach those around you, too! It’s like the ripple effect, or the…what’s that movie with Hayley Joel Osmond?? AH, yes, thank you, Pay It Forward.  See, when you learn something new that’s useful to people, you should PAY IT FORWARD.  Pass it along!

Ehem, so that’s what I’m doing. 🙂

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BUT how can I actually change my mindset?

I am so glad you asked that! No, really!

The easiest way to change your mindset is to recognize that there is another perspective to be thought about and investigated.  For instance, I get so upset when my husband does not help me get our daughters ready in the morning.  Instead, he sits on his phone and checks Facebook.  But, what I’ve come to realize is: (1)he is using this time to gear up for the day and check in with our friends and family back home and (2)I have my own routine and system for everyone in the morning (and I’m VERY used to doing it my way – don’t judge).  So, basically, he doesn’t want to mess that up.  Once I realized that he was legit not trying to NOT help, but doing what he could to stay out of my way, mornings weren’t an argument anymore! And, now I know that when I need help, if I just ask him for what I need specifically, he does so quickly and efficiently.

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Now it’s your turn…think of a time when you were in a pretty sour puss mood.  Is there a way that you can look at the situation differently and change your mindset on things?

What other mindsets are there?

Carol Dweck is a big one in the teaching world.  She came up with the idea of a Fixed and Growth Mindset.

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*This article contains affiliate links. It will not cost you any extra for these products/services.

There’s also the new knowledge about brain plasticity that supports the above mindset.  You see, scientists used to believe that our brain could not repair itself if damaged.  And, that our knowledge was genetic and we could not change it.  But, now research shows that our brain is very powerful and heal itself.  I even just learned about this scientifically backed program, The Listening Program, that seems pretty cool! It’s music therapy!

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Your Challenge: Comment below with your ideas about how Mindsets Matter! And, please share if you enjoy!

A bientot,

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