Meet Me


brittany schreurs, challenge the status quo of education

I’m glad you’ve decided to meet me! I’m not altogether COOL.  Some might describe me as somewhat dorky and corny, but I try to fly my freak flag for all to see.  Ultimately, I’m a Middle School Teacher and I think it shines through to every inch of my being.  Yeah, let that sink in…I’m a CRAZY person that teaches those kids in the middle that have no clue what’s going on with their body [or anything] really.  That being said, I’m also an extremely concerned parent…

And, as more and more effective teachers leave the classroom each year, do I count as one of those since I left the States???  I cannot help but question why education has not updated to the current world we are living in.  Thus, I ask fellow teachers, and other educational professionals, how can we help to update this system to better suit our students and future generations?


I am not a paragraph writer! Actually, I really love bullet points and lists…soooooo

  • I LOVE my two little girls (see below).  Beans is the baby and Peanut is the toddler 🙂
  • I have an AMAZING husband who helps me from living life too seriously – as I often do!
  • International Teacher is my technical job title now – I’ve taught in Texas, Colombia, Dubai, and currently, Africa.
  • I ADORE dark chocolate, cereal, a good book, and quiet time.  (Can you tell I’m kind of an introvert?)
  • AND my favorite color is blue – well, turquoise, actually.  But, that’s in the blue family, right?

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