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Is your Science class optimized for Success?

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As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a teacher.  Let me clarify – I wanted to be a MATH teacher.  Unfortunately, when I was in college, majoring in education [more or less] I had to choose Math/Science, ELA/SS, or all of them.  I could not just major in math education.  Which actually turned out to be the best thing!

What?! WHY?!

You see, when I was fresh out of college and trying to get a job it was 2008…the dreaded WORST time to try and find a job in, what, the last 210390 years or something?! So, I had to settle for a Science class gig, even though I didn’t even like Science! [My Papa wasn’t very happy as his entire life revolved around Science – specifically, volcanoes, and high tech military stuff.]

Needless to say, I dove in head first to becoming a Science teacher.  I’m not one to do anything halfway! As for all newbies, my first year was full of overwhelm.  With a steep learning curve! But, my second year was SOOO much better! I started implementing a layered curriculum to meet all of my students’ needs.  That, my friends, was the beginning of this great adventure! It’s also when I realized that science is best served on an inquiry based platter!

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Science class is taught best when it is inquiry based!

Science class is MOST students’ favorite subject when they enter school because it involves EVERYTHING around us!

We are natural explorers as babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and beyond.  Even when children play they are using the Scientific Method.  Yep, same with problem solving! Yeah, yeah, I know – math is great for problem solving, too.  BUT, guess what? Math was identified to explain scientific things.  Don’t believe me? Read the first line here.

Let’s face it – Science has some of THE COOLEST topics to talk about from a kids perspective.

I mean, come on, who isn’t fascinated with space? What about genetics – why we look the way we do, especially if we have a trait that neither of our parents have? Because I teach through inquiry, my units have a driving question for the entire unit.  Currently, my 7th graders are discovering whether the next big mass extinction will be caused by humans or nature.  You can’t tell me that’s not a little intriguing?

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I’m just going to link to this article from a Stanford professor, which details [far better than I am able to] about two big theories involving this construct.

inquiry based, science, teaching science, teaching, education

By the way, be on the look out for how I’m going to introduce inquiry stations in my 7th grade Math class next year.

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Your Challenge: Comment on how you already are [or are planning to] incorporate inquiry in your classroom.

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