How Simple Life Could Be

life could be so simple if...

I recently went on a road trip to two relatively small towns in Burkina Faso – Bobo and Banfora. On these trips, I couldn’t help but be reminded of how simple life could be. There were things that kept popping up. These are not the only ways that life is much simpler in Burkina than in the States, rather, Texas, like I’m used to…

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How simple life could be…

How simple life could be if we didn't know about modern conveniences... Click To Tweet

how simple life could be

Hand Washing

At every restaurant we stopped at, they have a very distinct way of washing hands. [See above picture.] The simple act of washing your hands before a meal is still very much alive here – mostly because the amount of dust in the air carries so much bacteria.

Each of the two systems we saw is utterly simple: a bucket or kettle of water (sometimes soap, too) and a waste bucket beneath. This idea is so simple, yet, in the States this would seem so incredibly foreign. We are accustomed to going to the restroom to wash our hands, not walking a couple of tables over (or staying at your table) to wash hands. BONUS: my little kids LOVED washing their hands, AKA playing with water, while we ate our meal. How simple life could be if we didn’t know about modern conveniences.

how simple life could be

Baby Wearing

When doing a google search on baby wearing, there are almost ten million hits within seconds…the first website to pop up is an international organization trying to get women to carry their babies again.  (Unfortunately, they offer different products to buy…so, make sure to check out the video below for using a bed sheet as a baby carrier!)  Forget about strollers… what if we went back to basics?

Women in Africa carry their babies with them almost everywhere. Yep, you got it, even to work. They position them on their back and hustle through their day.  Whereas, in most developed countries around the world, strollers and baby carriers are prevalent. But, how simple life could be, if we just grabbed materials we had and used them for a different purpose. I mean, isn’t finding a new purpose for things the foundation of Pinterest? 😉 So, watch below as I show you how to baby wear with a bed sheet!

Wondering where we stayed? Here is our hotel spot in Bobo (by the way, it’s getting a complete make over and remodel, which in a few months makes me think it will be AWESOME!). Here is our hangout in Banfora.

how simple life could be

Just waiting

Somehow, the people here in Burkina are amazing at just waiting.  They sit and wait for a sale at their maquis (store).  The majority of people here have no access to running water or electricity on a regular basis, so they are adept at sitting quietly – reflecting on themselves or simply sitting in nature.  It made me think of how simple life could be without all of our self-created distractions.  (Yes, I am sitting here typing on my computer and scanning the internet! BUT, I also take as much time out of my day to unplug and observe the world around me.)

But ask the animals and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth and it will teach you, or let the fish in the sea inform you. Job 12:7-8 Click To Tweet

Your Challenge: Find something that can be simplified in your life.  Let me know about it by leaving a comment!

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  1. thefishbowlfamily | 17th Jan 18

    Love this! It is so easy to get caught up in the modern conveniences which often make like more complicated. I’ve never traveled abroad but reading about your family’s adventures sure makes me want to!

    • Brittany | 21st Jan 18

      Traveling abroad is scary, but so rewarding!

  2. Shelia | 17th Jan 18

    Awww, what a refreshing read. I think we all could live without certain things in life. The questions is, are we willing to do it? Thank you for sharing such a great post.s

    • Brittany | 21st Jan 18

      Yes, Shelia, that is the ultimate question isn’t it?

  3. mrsbealer | 15th Jan 18

    Love your reflections! My husband and I frequently discuss how when/if we have kids we will get rid of our TV. In the meantime, maybe we should ditch it ourselves and spend more time doing other things!

    • Brittany | 21st Jan 18

      If you can get in the habit now, it’ll be so much easier than when the kids come. Ours love watching movies because Daddy loves it! So, we have to say “no” a lot…

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