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Why My Daughter Wants to go Home to a Crack House

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Today my three year old daughter said she’s ready to go back to our “crack house”.  Now, before you get the wrong idea, let me set the record straight.

Setting the record straight

My husband, two young daughters and I live in Burkina Faso.  That’s in West Africa for those of you, who like me, had no clue! But, currently, we are in the States on summer vacation.  We have completed four weeks of our six week summer break.  And, already, my daughter is ready to go home.  You see, in our duplex in Burkina there is a big crack on the front wall that inhibits us from closing and locking our front door regularly.  Luckily, a mason came out to assess the damage and our door and lock are working now.  Unfortunately, we still have a HUGE crack.  Thus, it is our crack house. 🙂

Over the summer I’ve had people ask me questions like,

“Where will your girls call home?”

As international teachers, our family will move every so often, which causes this question to come up quite often.  And, I’m actually pretty tired of hearing it.  You see, when my Peanut Pie (that’s my oldest) said she was ready to go back to the crack house, it answered the question perfectly!

So, to all of you wondering where my girls will call home – or where any Third Culture Kid (that’s a real term, by the way, for kids that grow up overseas) will call home, my 3 year old daughter answered it so well.

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Where is home?

Home, to my daughters, is where we, as a family, call it.  It’s where we spend the majority of our days and nights.  By the way, we recently drove by our old home (the one before we left for Burkina) and she asked me if we were going to live there again.  That actually surprised me that she remembered living there since she was only two when we moved out.  I can’t remember anything before the age of 5, so, naturally, I feel as if I have a genius! HAHA! But, I digress…

My girls will be raised with southern values, more or less, with a huge scoop of global awareness and cultural understanding.  My girls will call the world their home.  But, they will also resonate with Texas (our home base every summer) and every place we live along the way.  The old saying, “Home is where the heart is” speaks perfectly to our situation.  And, best of all, it answers all of those who believe that our girls will never have a home.

Your Challenge: Think of a bias you have and squash it! Tell me your story below.  And, if you need help seeing a different perspective on it, I’m up for the challenge. 🙂

A bientot (until next time),

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