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The International Mentality of Friends

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Arguably one of the BEST things about teaching internationally is…


There is a totally different vibe and understanding between the friends you meet while teaching overseas.  In each of our three locations abroad (Colombia, Dubai, and Burkina Faso) we have made amazing friends.  We still follow and keep in touch with ALL of our close friends that we’ve made overseas.

A BIG Difference

When you move somewhere you’ve never been before and you have no real bearings; it’s the support system you create for yourself that will help you to gain confidence in your new home.  For us, we’ve been extremely blessed to have found truly wonderful people.  Each close friend that we’ve made is now living in a completely different country (aside from our current friends in Ouagadougou, BF).  And, we get to see all of their new experiences on social media.

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But, how is this type of friendship so different from those friendships from your hometown or home country?

The friendships forged in strife and survival mode, especially overseas, have a way of tethering you to a new friend in a way that no one else can understand.  Only you and those people who have experienced the same thing (or something similar) can relate.  And, although folks from back home try to understand, it’s difficult.  They don’t have a point of reference, and that’s okay.  But when you go through the trenches with someone, you learn so much so fast! It might actually resemble some of the relationships they show in movies! HA!

Now, this is not to take away from our AMAZING friends that we’ve met and know Stateside.  I do have really great friends that I keep in touch with back in Texas. (You know who you are and I love you!)


As I mentioned before, our international friends are all over the globe.  And, that’s 100% AMAZING! Why? Well, in the South we like to say “Mi casa es su casa” (My house is your house).  That same sentiment applies overseas, too.  The biggest difference is…every house we live in is in a different country! So, right now we have unofficial open invitations to visit South Africa, Hungary, Shanghai, Beijing, Japan, to name a few.  Is that not unbelievable?! I think so!

Your Challenge: Think of a way that you can adopt this mentality and actually implement it!

A bientot,





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