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How Eggs Give Me Perspective

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Once you take that leap of moving abroad – whether it’s through teaching or another business – there are plenty of ways to know that you’ve left the States. For me, I always feel that I’m completely gone with one simple thing: eggs.


My family eats eggs. A LOT OF EGGS. And, in every country we’ve lived in, the color of the egg yoke is totally different! When we lived in Colombia the yoke was a neon yellow color. When we moved to Dubai…light yellow. Now, in Burkina Faso, the yoke is the closest to the orange colored yokes I remember from the States.

Why does the color of the egg yoke matter, you say.

Well, I see the egg yokes as a reminder.  A reminder of how different we may look, how different we may see the world, or even how differently we may arrive at a location; but the taste remains the same.  Each different colored egg yoke is a reminder of the different cultures, different beliefs, and different backgrounds of the people in that country.

But, just like me and mine, we are all still people trying to do the best we can with what we’ve got.  And, what I’ve got is a love for my family (husband, kids, parents, sisters, friends, grandparents, etc…), for God, and for my teaching (which, of course, means my students – current and future, colleagues, and what the future holds through it).  In each country, what the local people have is much different than what Americans are used to.  And, that’s okay!

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It’s all about PERSPECTIVE

Through my travels (and through eating eggs), I’ve gotten the opportunity to see the world in such a different way.  If I had never left, I’d never understand the hardships people go through in third world countries.  Which means #firstworldproblems has an entirely different meaning to me now.

If I had never left…

  • I wouldn’t have this new perspective.
  • I would still see the world as one big outskirt of Texas.
  • I would not be who I am today.

And, you know what? I REALLY like who I am.  I feel more comfortable in my own skin, I feel closer to my family than ever before, and I feel confident in my conviction that I can change the world…because I am out living in it.

Your Challenge: Leave a comment of how you are reaching your goals, changing the world, or just being plain awesome!

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