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Choices have consequences, What do you choose?

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As I watched my two daughters playing peacefully together tonight (that does NOT happen often), I was reminded that choices have consequences.  I, also, being a Potter-Head, remembered a quote that Sirius Black tells Harry Potter.  If you’re not a Potter-head, like myself, I’ll clue you in.  Basically, Harry is worried that he is bad.  And, Sirius shares some serious wisdom.  See what I did there, huh, Sirius – serious.  Am I the only one who gets it? Alright, moving on…

Sirius tells Harry…


We all have light and dark in us.  It’s the choices we make that show us who we really are.

harry potter, sirius black, inspirational quotes

Well, as I was watching my two girls exploring water and it’s powers, I felt extremely blessed.  You see, my girls, extremely sweet when you have them separated, struggle to rise above jealousy and competition for attention when together.  My youngest is the worst.

I don’t feel entirely comfortable blaming her much yet because she’s not even 2 years old!  BUT, it’s really hard NOT to feel manipulated when she can already count to 10 in French, speak at least 50 words – in complete sentences, is mostly potty trained, and will completely defy you to your face only to give you kisses immediately after.

She’s my very own sour patch kid!

my daughter is a sour patch kid

We call her Beans.  (Both my daughters have nicknames of legumes.  That’s a story for a different day.)  Thus, Beans is THE MOST stubborn, strong-willed, quick-witted, and defiant one year old I’ve ever met! And, unfortunately, she is a hitter.  We’re working on it…She hits A LOT! And, mostly, it lands on her sister.  When it lands on me, Momma, I get an immediate “sawwy, mama”, followed by an adorable kiss.  See – sour, then sweet.  (See this old SPK commercial for some emphasis and a more full understanding of what I mean.)  If we can only figure out how to get her to do that EVERY time she hits her sister…

Finally, we go back to the beginning.  While I was sitting there enjoying a wonderful water playtime session between the two, it made me really think that we do each have light and dark in us.  Most days, a darkness escapes me in a very stressful mom moment.  (Moms reading this, I’m sure you can relate.)  However, the majority of my days, weeks, months, and years, I think I shower more light than dark on the world.  I’d love to read your thoughts below.

Whether or not you believe in a higher power or not, I think we can all agree that there is light and dark in this world.

What matters most though, is what we choose to act on.

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Choices have consequences.

We need to remember that our choices have consequences.  Our children and students must understand that although not every choice has a punishment, every choice we make DOES have a consequence of some sort.  How I explain this to my students is that every choice they make in the classroom affects someone else – usually me! Don’t want to work, that does not only affect you! I get upset because now you are disrupting other people OR not following directions OR not living up to your potential.

See, easy, right?!

Your Challenge: Be a light in your world – your classroom, your family, your friend circle, your parent’s lives, your kids’ lives, etc…Also, be a reminder that all choices have consequences.

A bientot,




This article contains affiliate links.

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