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The #1 Way to Avoid Burnout

avoid burnout at your job

How can you avoid burnout – even at the end of the year?

As the school year progresses and work starts piling up, everyone starts to feel the stresses of everyday things [see my post about teaching here] and they ooze into the climate of the classroom.  Teachers get work piled on from all directions! Currently, I have five 75-minute classes to prepare for.  Each of which I see 3 times a week.  Thus, I teach 15 blocks a week with only 6 blocks to plan and prepare, collaborate, assess, provide feedback, and all of the other little side jobs that are asked of teachers.  Needless to say, it all CANNOT get done at school.  BUT, I decided a long time ago that I was not going to bring work home.  Unfortunately, that means my stress level at work is high.

I avoid burnout at my job using humor.

First example of how I find humor in my [VERY] stressful job: a colleague of mine has no filter.  A few other colleagues and I have decided to make a hashtag sign every time we hear that person say something completely unfiltered.  We will get each other’s attention and make the hashtag sign and think #nofilter! HA!

Another example is that out internet here in Ouagadougou (that’s in West Africa) is less than reliable and we have a guy that manages that.  We always joke that he’s using the internet by watching inappropriate fishing shows! Nope, it doesn’t make any sense but it keeps us laughing and that’s the point.

 laughter is the best medicine, teaching, educationThe Facts:

Everyone has heard the saying “Laughter is the best medicine“.  Well, that literally is true! Here’s what I mean:

  1. Laughing releases dopamine, which gives us that euphoric state.
  2. Laughter can actually make us forget about pain for periods of time.
  3. Laughting decreases stress and anxiety.
  4. Laughter creates more disease fighting cells for our immune system.
  5. Laughing allows our lungs to completely empty and refill with fresh air, thus providing our body with more [and better] oxygen.

And, it can’t be left out that laughter is attractive to the opposite sex – and creates an emotional bond between people!

So, get on out there and find humor in the most unlikely places to boost yourself [and coworkers] up to bump up productivity, which makes the bosses happy.  And, who knows, maybe happy bosses will be less pushy bosses! All the world really needs is laughter, yes?

Teaching in the Fast Lane:

Need more laughs? Check out a fellow blogging teacher.  She teaches in elementary school, and she’s the genius behind the pin below.

A laugh to leave you with…

Today was one of those tough teaching days – I had two students yelling at each other in class.  One ended up crying for the majority of class! I took them both out in the hallway and we tried to have a civilized, respectful conversation…yeah, that didn’t go so well.  But, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if, at the end of class, I didn’t have TWO students tell me how great class was today! WHAT?!?!That’s right, two.

Yup! They both basically said that they were proud of the class – aside from the one instigating student – because they all helped pick up the student that was crying and cheer her up! My face would have caused the biggest laughing fit as I was completely floored at their comment!

Who knew that one of my worst days could be one of their best!


Your Challenge: Find humor wherever you are and in as much work as you do today.  Don’t be afraid to share out by leaving a comment.

A bientot!




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